How to Attach my Undetectable Wigz Lace Wig

Items Needed:
Elastic Band / Hair Clips
Cotton Pads
Scalp Protector
Tape / Liquid Adhesive
Adhesive Remover

Wig Application:

1. Use a cotton pad (not cotton ball) to wipe hairline with alcohol. Avoid using Cotton balls to prevent leaving traces of cotton along hairline.

2. Apply Scalp Protector to hairline.

3. Apply adhesive (tape / liquid) to front hairline.

4. While waiting for adhesive to dry, make sure wig hair is in a ponytail or braided, and hairs around the edges are secured away from the hairline with clips to prevent adhesive from getting into the hair during application.

5. Attach wig to front hairline, pressing wig firmly into place.

6. Apply adhesive to back hairline. Let dry according to specific labeled adhesive instructions.

7. Attach wig to back hairline.

8. After wig is fully attached, a blow dryer may be used to further dry the adhesive on the hairline.

9. Be careful not to pull on the wig too hard while styling, to prevent the adhesive from lifting before it is fully dry.