You can choose from a variety of hair textures for your lace wig. Because we only use the highest quality of hair in our wigs, your Undetectable Wigz will have amazing versatility.
You can easily straighten curly and wavy hair textures. When you want your curls back,
just simply wet your hair, and they reappear! You can also easily put curls in your straight-textured Undetectable Wigz, just as you would do your own hair!

Basic available textures include:

Straight - This hair has a silky shiny texture, similar to European hair.

Yaki - This hair is slightly more course texture than the straight texture. It looks very similar to African American hair that has been relaxed.

Body Wave - This hair has a loose wave pattern.

Water Wave - This hair has a deep wave pattern.

Deep Wave - This hair has the deepest medium wave available.

Jheri Curl - This hair has a tight wave pattern.

Spiral Curl - This hair has a tight curl pattern similar to hair set on straws.